The Prophetic Collection Full Bundle
The Prophetic Collection Full Bundle

Meet Muhammad (S)

Age 4+

3 Books


The Prophetic Collection Full Bundle

  • Every Muslim parent has a deep inner desire to teach their child about the greatest man that ever walked the face of the earth. The Prophetic Collection by Learning Roots gathers our best resources on the story, description and meeting with the Prophet Muhammad (S).
  • With easy to understand, flowing, rhyming text, stunning illustrations, and above all, expertly crafted stories from authentic sources, your child will not only increase in their love for Allah's Messenger (S), but will also appreciate the Messenger's (S) love for them.

A children's tale that even adults learn from

Can you describe the Prophet's Pond - the pool of Al-Kawthar, where the Believers will first meet the Prophet Muhammad (S) before entering Paradise?

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The perfect foundation on which to build

Children hear and read lots of stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad (S), and this book gives them his entire life story as a framework for them to understand the context of the stories they have heard and will learn in the future.

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Nurtures Iman

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Hadith Guidance

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Builds Character