Quran Clip (Shield)

Gifting Something Amazing

When you’re looking to gift a group of people something valuable, yet meaningful, it can be really difficult to find something that works, especially if you’re wanting your present to have an Islamic touch.

But there is a solution that fits your needs. It's called the Quran Clip Shield.

The shield variety of the Quran Clips comes in two different finishes. There is a high-end 24-carat gold plated finish that comes packaged in a premium box. There is also a silver colour finish which comes packaged in an envelope, just like the Quran Clip Classic.

Here's why the shields are perfect for you:

  • Small and lightweight, yet high in value making it a substantial gift.

  • Sleek and elegant circular design that will pleasantly surprise the recipient of your gift.

  • Strong and rigid quality made from metal so your gift will last for years.

  • Encouragement to recite the Quran making your gift is both a surprise and a source of reward for you.

  • Opulent packaging for the gold version, so your loved one will really feel the value of your gift.

  • A unique concept that will distinguish your present from all others.

  • Gold or silver finish, allowing you to cover all preferences.

There’s something special about the Quran Clip. If used often enough with the right book, you’re guaranteed to receive the best guidance on earth.  It’s Ideal for:

  • Gifting a group of students or a class
  • Party bag gifts
  • Gifting friends
  • Eid Gifts
  • A little treat for yourself or a loved one

The Quran Mark makes for a delightful and enduring gift and encircles the famous 'Al-Quran Al-Kareem (The Noble Quran)' calligraphic emblem at its core and measures 3.5cm in width.

To order your Quran Clip Shield, select a colour preference and click the 'Add to Cart' button above.

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