How to Raise a Great Muslim Child, from Your Mother Khadijah

How to Raise a Great Muslim Child, from Your Mother Khadijah

You have another mother. You’ve never seen her. You’ve never heard her voice. You’ve never perhaps even thought of her as your member. But she is your mother nonetheless. And if you get to Jannah, your mother will be there, waiting to meet you. Her name is Khadijah (RA). She was the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad (S), the first to believe in his message and the first mother of the greatest nation history has ever seen. And that’s what puts her in a great position to teach your child (and you) a thing or two on how to live a great life.

Be Firm in Your Faith
A lot could be said here, but nothing would be as eloquent or profound as the Prophet (S) describing his wife in his own words:

“She had faith in me when people rejected me. She believed in me when the people disbelieved me. She supported me with her wealth when the people prevented me. And Allāh blessed me with children through her and not through any other wife." [1]

You’ll Need Tons of Patience
And the reward of patience is great, even if it’s hard to see beyond the noise and toil of life:

Jibreel came to Allah's Prophet (S) and said: "Allah's Messenger, Khadija is coming to you with a vessel of seasoned food or drink. When she comes to you, offer her greetings from her Lord, the Exalted and Glorious, and on my behalf and give her glad tidings of a palace of jewels in Paradise wherein there is no noise and no toil."

Nothing Great is Achieved Without Sacrifice
Khadijah (RA) was an affluent lady. In fact, she was probably one of the richest women in Makkah. Yet, she not only sacrificed her wealth in support of the Prophet’s (S) mission, but she continued to give, give more and give again even though she was driven out from her home to live in a harsh desert valley during the years of the Boycott. That is sacrifice. And a sincere sacrifice never goes unrewarded by Allah.

Wisdom is the Lost Property of the Believer
The key decisions in Khadijah’s (RA) life are testaments to her wisdom. Hiring the Prophet (S) to lead her trade caravan. Initiating the marriage proposal to the Prophet (S). Being the first to embrace Islam upon hearing the message. Taking her husband to see Waraqah, a scholar of the ancient scriptures, after he received the first revelation.  Supporting the Prophet (S) in his mission…the list goes on. And wise decisions compound in life and lead to great results, the likes of which elevated Khadijah (RA) to the status she now holds.

Generosity is the Hallmark of Good Character
The Muslims have long been known for the virtue of their generosity. Yet it is precisely due to the efforts of legends like Khadijah (RA) that they hold such a reputation. Halima Sa’diyyah, the Prophet's (S) wet nurse was specially invited for the wedding of Khadijah. When she was leaving, Khadijah presented her with various household commodities, a camel, and forty goats. She agreed to take up Ali during a time of draught in Makkah, as his father Abu Talib was unable to fend for his family. She bought the freedom of many Muslim slaves. She was generous to her relatives, and friends, too, and the Prophet (S) likewise, used to send gifts to her friends, even after her death. [4]

Your Support is the Right of Others
Nothing proves this more than the words of Khadijah (RA) at the time of the first revelation when the Messenger of Allah (S) returned home terrified. He came to Khadijah (RA) and said, ‘Cover me! Cover me!’ They covered him till his fear went away. Then he said to Khadijah, ‘O Khadijah, I fear for myself,’ and he told her what had happened.

Khadijah (RA) said, ‘No, for by Allah, Allah will never disgrace you. You uphold the ties of kinship, you speak truthfully, you help the poor and destitute, you serve your guests generously and assists those who are stricken by calamity.’ [2]

Don’t Settle for Anything Less than Being the Best in What You Do
She excelled in trade even before the freedoms Islam showered on women. She was the first to believe and the first to support Islam. She nurtured and raised an incredible family, including the likes of Fatimah (RA) who went on to join her as one of the four best women in human history:

“The best of the women of Paradise are Khadeejah bint Khuwaylid, Fatimah bint Muhammad, Aasiyah bint Mazahim the wife of Pharaoh, and Maryam bint ‘Imran” [7].


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