Baby Alphabet Collection

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Play for Muslim babies has never been so fun!

Finding good play experiences for your baby that nurture the heart and educate the mind is a difficult hunt. If you feel there's something missing that can make your baby's play experiences more fun and aligned with your faith, then you're right.

The Baby Alphabet Collection by Learning Roots is a series of products curated to add that much-needed Islamic touch to baby play and reading times. 

The Baby Alphabet Collection has been designed by Learning Roots, whose products have been sold in over 33 countries worldwide.

The  comprises of three items:

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This collection contains:

  • A simple, light and engaging Islamic theme running through all the items that nurture your child's faith.

  • Cute illustrations that delight the eyes and give your child plenty to talk about.

  • Simple words that your baby understands and can relate to.

  • Two board books that are durable so the fun lasts a whole lot longer.

  • A touch and feel book with sensory materials that will delight your child.

  • A book with rhyming words that your child can sing along with.

  • Books that cover both the English and Arabic alphabets so you can build their knowledge as well as their faith.

Fill your baby's library with our faith-nurturing collection of alphabet books that excite the senses, delight the eyes and fill the hearts with peace.

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Upgrade to the Baby Collection

Quality books that are genuinely designed for your baby are few and far in between in the Islamic market. That's why we've put together a convenient collection of all our baby titles in one place. Click the image below to learn more:

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